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The last couple of days I actually got a bunch of positive feedback! That really means a lot.
The number of feedback notifications dA says I have is dropping. Not by much. Three, another three. I think some of my work is being unfaved, and I'm not getting any new notifications.

So, that's encouraging. Well, anyway, today I'm posting more crap that only I will like! What difference does it make?
I rendered a simple thing. I'll post it later.

Edit: Here it is: 

January 2018 meme person

I'll try to post at least one more thing this month.
Well, I finally posted something: 2017 retrospective

I had held off on actually putting it together in case I made more art in December. And then I was just out of the habit of posting any art at all.

I didn't say this in the post, but it feels right to post a retrospective image to put a cap on 2017, and on my art. I have liked some pieces I have come up with, but with the new year, I have been leaning pretty strongly toward being done with all this. The problem with quitting is that I didn't even have the will to post anything saying I was quitting.

I don't know. Maybe I'll drag Ellery and the gang out of mothballs eventually.

After making my retrospective wheel today, I kind of want to render something new. Well, maybe I will.
I had as this journal entry a piece that made more sense as a literature submission. Moved here:

Mature Content

Changed my profile picture again. It's somewhere down there if you scroll. I'm not doing this right, am I?


I can rearrange the page. That is a thing I can do.
If you'd told me ten years ago that I'd spend half a decade obsessed with Poser-style 3D art; that I would accumulate a mere handful of very sporadic followers, mostly posting to myself; that I'd finally give up after six years; and in particular that my last published image would be a picture of Jenny Everywhere wearing nothing but rainbow-striped knee-socks—I'd probably say, "Sure, makes sense to me. The rainbow knee socks sound fun."

It was with this thought in mind that I didn't even try to post art on Tuesday. I did no renders the next two days, which was nice, actually. I suppose I really do have better things to do with my time.

So there it is. My 3D career closes out on a picture of Jenny Everywhere in her gaily striped socks. I'm very proud. So proud.


I'll render something else.
Well, I updated my DeviantID. I don't know how often I'll change the art, but it's nice to have something more recent down there.
I am trying to post more again, but I have this fear that no one likes anything I produce and everything I do is really crap.
OK, new schedule! I think I can do one of these little renders every fifteen days!

Just kidding. I'm never doing art again.

(Wait, that italicised bit was supposed to have a strikethrough.)
Well, I kept thinking I should do a comic again, and then little daily renders didn't seem like enough, so I did no art in the end.

I guess I should just say the comics are over, and still do some art, but it's not the same if I don't think I'm going to tell stories.

It may be a while before I do art again. I may never do art again (although that seems unlikely). I may do some tomorrow.

I like the last thing I posted enough to leave it as the last thing I posted. That has not always been the case. That makes it easier to just leave it as is. 
I am trying to refrain from adding, "This is crap, but it gives me something to post," to render descriptions, because I don't know what people will like. But I think it sometimes!
I hadn't sorted art into subfolders since April 2016. So I just did that for over 11 pages, close to a third of my gallery.

I should do a swimwear folder.

Bitter Ides of March got moved out of 'Featured' by my clumsy fingers and back in, so it's out of order in the Featured folder now.
Super blocked, super depressed. Expect nothing for a bit.
Forty-nine years ago today, they killed the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Those that conspired to kill him were part of the power establishment, including government officeholders. They killed him to stop his challenge to the ruling class. Dr. King wanted to share the wealth of the nation with the people of that nation who were excluded from power; with the poor, the despised, and the oppressed.

I see people call themselves “conservative,” “conservatives,” “right-wing,” or the like for a lot of different reasons–some good, some bad. Even I’m “conservative” in some sense, on an issue or two. Tradition can be worth defending, sometimes.

But the United States of America has a history of ridiculous, extreme racism on one hand, and extreme, ridiculous “laissez-faire” capitalism on the other hand. In that context, “conservative” has a meaning. “Conservative” has a default, primary meaning. This is what it looks like; this is what it is.

A tradition of racial abuse, or of peonage, or of violence in the service of a ruling elite–that’s not a tradition worth defending or “conserving.”

(No art today.)
Well, I got the submission page working again. I don't know what that was about.
I haven't gotten the submission page to load properly for several hours. There may not be new art here for a while.
Hey, remember when I said I was finally getting enough sleep? Ha ha ha no.
I...was sort of planning to do a comic tomorrow. I want to start doing a comic a week again. I don't know, though. I'm—not so much blocked as depressed. Or too easily distracted to finish much.
Five days ago, I wrote a rambling blog post about firearms and gun control, but I think after ninety minutes of writing it, I lost some threads of thought. It may be unclear what my point was, or what I think the law should be.

I think I probably implied that it should be harder to get a rifle in the USA; well, yes, it should be.

But I think my big problem is that gun rights advocates keep insisting that the answer to mass shootings is more guns. This isn't helping. Lots of people have good reasons not to carry. And a careless person with a gun is a menace. We don't really want everyone to be packing heat all the time.

It used to seem to me that people who want to own guns (well, some of those people) can, and people who don't want to own guns don't have to own them. But we keep arguing that people on the other side should live according to our choices:
When there's a mass shooting, gun rights advocates blame gun-free zones, then seem to blame basically everyone who doesn't carry for not having a sidearm ready and intervening (however unrealistic that may be).
At the same time, gun control advocates blame the gun market--sellers, manufacturers, and implicitly even other owners--for supplying the criminal with guns (bought or stolen). 
Blame gets thrown around a lot. And somehow in that blame, each side is implying that the other side needs to adopt their way of life. I don't think, "You need a gun, like I do!" is any better than, "You need not to have a gun, like I don't!"

The gun rights side aren't really that convincing in all this, because their reasoning is motivated. They don't want to give up a little personal property, or some liberty, in the name of public safety.

The gun control side is often at a rhetorical disadvantage, because of the perception that they don't use firearms, don't own them, and don't understand them. (This is a little unfair; just because someone knows how to shoot doesn't mean they're against gun licensing or gun-free zones. But since the USA has very low military participation, a random civilian is no longer assumed to have any experience with guns unless they have personally sought it out, and then the stereotypes of warriors and cowards kick in.) Worse--in many eyes--gun control types don't want your children to know how to shoot, or how to behave around a gun. How can you respond to a threat without preparing for it?

Well. I've put off writing this new blog post for four days, and events have ensued.

It's interesting, isn't it? The recent incident in Dallas was not resolved by a random "good guy" with a sidearm, but by a bomb squad robot.

I remember after the 2012 Aurora, Colorado movie house shooting someone making this argument: You're not really going to stop the bad guy by being another clown with a gun. You might be mistaken for an accomplice, and you might be endangering the crowd by putting more projectiles in the air. And if the first shooter has body armor, you might fail to make the shot anyway. It is very hard for a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. The bad guy has initiative, after all.

I think the end of the shooting in Dallas is another blow to the gun rights side. The police had sidearms, and they called in a robot with an explosive.

Current events are giving us a lot of data on firearms. And it's not working in favor of the gun rights side now, is it?